Reid's MP3 Picks

NEW-Arcade Fire
Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
Rebellion (Lies)
Wake Up
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
NEW-Devendra Banhart
There Was Sun
This Beard is for Sibohan
Will is My Friend
This is the Way
Autumn’s Child
Coco Rosie
Good Friday
By Your Side
Jesus Loves Me
The Books
The Lemon of Pink
The Lemon of Pink Pt. 2
Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again
The Go! Team
Junior Kickstart
We Listen Everyday
The Microphones
I Felt Your Shape
The Pull
Where It’s Hotter Part 3
The Glow
Ocean 1,2,3
The Gleam
Moon Moon Moon
The Glow Part 2
I Felt You
Apples in the Tree
Mt. St. Helens
The Light
Light the Match
Cold Cold Water
Of Pressure
Advisory Committee
La Familia
Person Person
Oh! September
Iron and Wine
Naked As We Came
Passing Afternoon
Weary Memory
Lion’s Mane
Sufjan Stevens
All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace!
For The Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti
Year of the Dog
Size Too Small
Niagara Falls
Woman at the Well
Nick Drake
Northern Sky
The Beta Band
Dry the Rain

Featured mp3s

Tim Wilson – Past Cure 1974
Luke Temple – Make Right With You
Amestory - #2
ps – Vena Cava
The Anomoanon – Mr. Train
Treewave - Sleep
Matters & Dunaway - Memorial
Low- Sunflower
The Dears - We Can Have It
Tracy Shedd- End of the Night
Mono- Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
From Bubblegum to Sky- Operation Big Beat
Frausdots- dead wrong
Silver Sunshine- Way Up In the Big Sky
Damien Jurado- Prices
The Rosemont Family Reumion- Leaving Here Tommorow

Recomended Links

Pitchfork Media
All Music
All Movie
Rolling Stone
Moebius Rex

Reid's Music

The following are chosen songs from "Reid it and Weep"
Me and Julio
Blackbird- A Short Trip Across the Universe
Factory Girl
Hey Ya
These are just a couple of extra songs. The first one is a silly song I wrote about Wal-mart,and the next one is a Weezer cover -Both of which aren't exactly finished.
Wal-mart (You may be a member of Sam's Club, but your not a member of Uncle Sam's club)
Say It Ain't So

The Beach Boys - Original Smile Sessions

Our Prayer
The Heroes & Villians Suite
Do You Like Worms
Mrs O’Leary’s Cow
Child is Father of Man
Cabin Essence
I Love to Say Da Da
The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
Wind Chimes
The Woodchop Song
She’s Goin’ Bald
With Me Tonight
Three Blind Mice
With Me Tonight
Your Welcome
Surf’s Up Instrumental
Can’t Wait Too Long
Cool Cool Water
Surf’s Up Vocal
Heroes & Villains
George Fell Into His French Horn
Bicycle Rider Theme
Cabin Essence
Heroes & Villians
Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations (closing bit)
Smile promo advertisment

Even More mp3s

Nude as the news
Van Morrison - Gloria
Grizzly Bear- Fix It
Grizzly Bear- Don’t Ask
David Byrne- Lazy
panda bear – track one

Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For
The Modern Lovers- Foggy Notion
The Prodigy- Girls (Rex the Dog Mix)
Helio Sequence- Everyone Knows Everyone
Radio Slave- Bang Bang
Mali Music- Makelekele
Deadbeat- White Out
Iron Virgin- Rebels Rule
Freeform Five- Electromagnetic
Mouse on Mars- Wipe that Sound
Electrocute- Tales of Odinary Sadness
The Chap- Oozing Emotion
Augie March – Song in the Key of Chance
Applied Communications- Sails
Human Television- Saw You Walking By
Irving- I Can’t Fall in Love
Prosaics- Teeth
Dealership- Pure of Heart
The Aeffect- Burning in the Bed on Fire
A. Graham & the Moment Band- Blurred Back
Ariel Pink- For Kate I Wait
The Music of Chris Brown
The Music of Mourning Knight

All mp3s, streaming, and soundclips are collected from the following sites
moebius rex
sites included in singingfish

Previous Posts

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Hello everyone. As you can see, I've returned to blogging, after a sudden gain in free time. To those of you who are not familiar with the older blog, don't worry about it-- it was only a summer fling; It didn't mean anything-really. As for the new blog... let me give you the tour.

I think the main aspect of this blog is the mp3 column to your left.
<------- When I first started getting mp3s, I was just basically going to some nifty mp3 sites and creating the same links that they have. The list I made from this is in the catagory of 'Even More mp3s.' Although, I've yet to listen to the entirty of this large collection, I plan to go through it and delete anything that absolutely sucks. The tracks that I have heard and recommend are in the 'featured mp3' section. So, far this list includes the amazing David Byrne, formally of the Talking Heads, a collaberation of Kylie and the Sissor Sisters, A Velvet Underground cover by the Modern Lovers, a catchy, high-schoolish rendition of the all-to-easy-to-laugh-at 'Touch Myself,' and more. It was only a few days later when I realized that If I scowered the internet enough I could find my favorite songs and compile my own list of personal recomendations. This is how the 'Reid's Picks' section began. My goal is to update this section everytime I work on the blog. Also, I could update the 'Even More mp3s' section to add a little flava to the mix.

Oops. I almost forgot the best part about the mp3 section-- it includes some of my work. I have a hobby of recording music, which I don't do very often. The peak of my recording career was during the winter of 2003, when I recorded a pretty spiffy album known as 'Reid It and Weep.' As you can see, I've included a few tracks from this little jewel. I might even add more later, but there are a few that I feel would be better off the public domain known as the internet. This being because, some alleged singers my have apeared on the album even though they were somehow mistakenly absent during the recording process. But, if your heart is bursting to hear the whole thing then just respond to this message and I'll see if I can hook you up. In the future I may add more non-weep tracks including extremely rare early stuff. So, keep your eyes peeled.

The next featured included is a hard-to-find collection of the SMilE sessions recorded by Brian Wilson and the rest of the Beach Boys in the mid-60's. Listen to this stuff while you can before it completely dissappears from internet as it is doomed. Now, aside from all this mp3 business,

I've also included my 'top 100 albums' column.
I plan to update this frequently, and provide as many 'top 100 features' as I can, or am willing to do.

Anyway, I guess that's all for now.

Come back soon.



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